Allan Gutheim is a Swedish avant-electronic composer and museum director.

Gutheim is classically trained, with 15 years of study in Piano, Music theory and Composition. He has written music for films, theaters, ballets, art exhibitions and multimedia productions. Gutheim's production also comprises books about music theory and the Swedish music industry.

During the 70s and 80s Gutheim was active at EMS – a Swedish, professional studio for electro-acoustic music and sound art. In 1988, he founded Allan Gutheim Music Production, from 1994 Real Time Music; a company for music production, music education and music consulting service.

In the 80s and 90s, Gutheim was the main teacher in Music theory and Digital music production at Kulturama (a school in Stockholm for artistic studies at the post-secondary level). In 1991, Gutheim went on to build his own studio in Stockholm, designed by Ingemar Ohlsson, the Abba studio designer. The studio was used for music production and music education. Two phonograms were produced before the studio closed its doors in 1996.

Since 1996, when his book about the Swedish music industry was published, Gutheim has – besides his music production – been active as a lecturer and consultant regarding the music industry, legal rights and contracts.

Real Time Music is a company for music production, music education and music consulting service. It mainly serves as a platform for Allan Gutheim's own work. The music company was established in 1994 by the composer and his wife, Maria. Real Time Music evolved from Allan Gutheim Music Production, founded by Gutheim in 1988. Today, Gutheim is producing his music in Real Time Music Recording Studio.

Allan Gutheim also owns and operates Toy World Sweden – an experience museum – with his wife Maria. It was founded in 1999. As the museum director he is responsible for the administration. As the creative director he answers for the events and exhibitions in the unique world of thousands of toys, music, sound, motion effects and light.

In 2013 Gutheim teamed up with Unda Arte, a collaborative art duo. This resulted in Postmodern Substrata, an exhibition and art portfolio, with art and texts by Unda Arte and music by Gutheim.

Postmodern Substrata was followed up in 2014 with the full length CD and MP3 album Axiomatic. The same year Gutheim also released the MP3 concept album Evolution, on The Sublunar Society. In 2015 three more pop-orientated albums was released, Stereo, Digital Audio and Studio, all released on Sublunar. In 2016, Evolution was released on CD.

In 2017 he on Sublunar came up with the double album Anthology - The Remix Collection, on both MP3 and CD, as well as the MP3 album Sequencer. This year Gutheim so far released the MP3 album Waves.


Allan Gutheim är en svensk kompositör av elektronisk musik och museiägare.

Gutheim är klassiskt skolad, med 15 års studier i piano, musikteori och komposition. Han har komponerat musik till film, teater, balett, konstutställningar och multimediaproduktioner. I hans produktion ingår även böcker om musikteori och den svenska musikbranschen.

Under 70- och 80-talen var Gutheim verksam vid Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), en professionell studio för elektroakustisk musik och konstmusik. 1988 grundade han Allan Gutheim Music Production, från 1994 Real Time Music; ett bolag för musikproduktion, musikutbildning och musikkonsultation.

På 80- och 90-talen var Gutheim huvudlärare i musikteori och digital musikproduktion på Kulturama (i Stockholm). 1991 byggde han sin egen studio i Stockholm, ritad av Ingemar Ohlsson, ABBA-studions designer. Gutheims studio användes till musikproduktion och undervisning. Två fonogram producerades fram till 1996, då studion avyttrades.

Sedan utgivningen av hans bok Den svenska musikbranschen (1996), har Gutheim – parallellt med sin musikproduktion – varit verksam som föreläsare och konsult beträffande musikbranschen, juridiska rättigheter och kontrakt.

Real Time Music är ett bolag för musikproduktion, musikutbildning och musikkonsultation. Främst utgör det en plattform för Allan Gutheims egen produktion. Bolaget etablerades 1994 av kompositören och hans fru, Maria. Real Time Music utvecklades ur Allan Gutheim Music Production, som Gutheim startade 1988. Idag skapar Gutheim sin musik i Real Time Music Recording Studio.

Allan Gutheim och hans fru Maria äger och driver, sedan 1999, även Toy World Sweden – ett upplevelsemuseum. Som museichef är han ansvarig för administrationen. Som konstnärlig chef ansvarar han för events och utställningar i den unika världen av tusentals leksaker, musik, ljud, rörelse och ljus.

År 2013 inledde Gutheim ett samarbete med konstnärsduon Unda Arte, vilket resulterade i Postmodern Substrata – en utställning samt konstportfolio, med konst och texter av Unda Arte och musik av Allan Gutheim.

Postmodern Substrata följdes upp 2014 med fullängds-CD:n och MP3-albumet Axiomatic. Samma år gav Gutheim även ut konceptalbumet Evolution (MP3), på The Sublunar Society. 2015 släpptes tre mer poporienterade album, Stereo, Digital Audio och Studio, samtliga utgivna på Sublunar. 2016 släpptes Evolution på CD. 

Under 2017 har han på Sublunar släppt dubbel-albumet Anthology - The Remic Collection, på både MP3 och CD, samt MP3-albumet Sequencer. I år har Gutheim så här långt givit ut MP3-albumet Waves.

Selected Compositions

* Dygnet (The Day), a ballet by Michael Mansson, originally performed at the Maxim Theatre for the Royal Opera, in 1977.

* Gryning (Dawn), an electronic work at Fylkingen's electronic music fair, in 1979.

* Sista dansen (The Last Dance), a ballet by Armand Gutheim, originally performed for Amnesty International at Södra Teatern, in 1984. 

* Hägring (Mirage), a feature film by Saeed Assadi, screened on film in 1984 and on SVT (Swedish public service television company), in 1986.

* Legenden om trädet (The Legend of the Tree), opening music for Red Cross' charity event "Träd fram" at Cirkus (Stockholm), in 1985.

* J'ai une toute petite jaquette, a theatrical play by Inga-Märta Fröman, for the F.E.T.E. festival in Lyon, France, in 1987.

* Pregnant Fantasy, a TV ballet by Armand Gutheim, Charlotte Assarsson and Marika af Trolle, in 1987.

* Järnet (Iron), a multimedia slideshow by Nils Olander, for the Royal Palace of Stockholm, in 1990.

* Nijinsky, a full length ballet by Armand Gutheim, originally performed at Estrad (in Södertälje), in 1990.

* Instant Music Art, a multimedia performance with Carl Rothlin, at Stockholm International Fairs, in 1992.

* Samtidigheten (The Simultaneity), a performance at Theater Arkana, in 1993.

* Klart för röstning (Time to Vote), a slideshow and CD-ROM for the Parliament Information Centre (in Stockholm), in 1995.

Selected Phonograms and Books

* (Book) Grundläggande musikteori (Basic Music Theory), in 1986.

* (CD) Columbus, with the band The Project, in 1992.

* (CD) Vill ha dig i Stockholm (Want You in Stockholm), with the band Joystick, in 1994.

* (Book) Den svenska musikbranschen (The Swedish Music Industry), in 1996.

* (Art, book and CD) Postmodern Substrata, an art portfolio, with a 4 track CD single by Gutheim, accompanying art and texts by Unda Arte. Released on The Sublunar Society in 2013.

* Axiomatic, a 12 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2014.

* Axiomatic, a full length CD (12 tracks), on The Sublunar Society, in 2014. 

* Evolution, a 8 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2014.

* Stereo, a 12 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2015.

* Digital Audio, a 12 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2015.

* Studio, a 9 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2015.

* Evolution, a full length CD (8 tracks), on The Sublunar Society, in 2016.

* Anthology, a 33 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2017.

* Anthology, a double CD (33 tracks), on The Sublunar Society, in 2017.

* Sequencer, a 14 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2017.

* Waves, a 12 track MP3 album, on The Sublunar Society, in 2018.