Mar 31, 2019

Allan Gutheim's EP "The Remix Anthology 6" - out now!

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The Remix Anthology by Allan Gutheim is a selection of previously released tracks, mostly his older productions from the 1980s and 90s, reworked and remixed in 2016 by Gutheim in a balanced unity, into a new collection consisting of 7 EP. The EP collection exhibits Gutheim's whole musical span with his characteristic synth ambient style, intertwined with influences from pop, rock, jazz, classical and experimental music. The Remix Anthology is a re-release by Real Time Music and now available for download and streaming on all major services. All tracks featuring Eddy Ã…backa (guest guitarist).

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Simplex, Pt. 3 - the official music video for Allan Gutheim's EP The Remix Anthology 6.

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